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  • SOLD! WW1 WWI GERMAN M17 Steel Stahlhelm Trench Helmet 1917 COMPLETE Liner Chinstrap Kaiser World War One

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    Steel Stahlhelm Trench Helmet 

    1917 COMPLETE with Liner & Chinstrap 

    • You Are Bidding On a WW1 WWI GERMAN Helmet 
    • M17 Steel Stahlhelm Trench Helmet 
    • Made in 1917 
    • COMPLETE with Liner and Chinstrap 
    • Si62
    • Steel Firing Number Hard to make out
    • There are Letters & Numbers on the inside Left Ear Area, next to one of the chinstrap holders: Si62 - Small
    • Original Helmet from WW1 - M-18 - Issued starting in 1917 - These were also in use around the beginning of WW2.
    • Measures approx. 7.5" front to back - and about 6.0" side to side inside the leather liner!
    • Awesome Looking, Gorgeously solid & Heavy!
    • Great Condition! 
    • Actually Really Really Nice!  
    • Very Light Remnants of a Mail-Home Label on the front 
    • Complete Original Metal Liner Rim with Original Leather Liner 
    • Horsehair/ excelsior pads (very likely reproduction) 
    • Chinstrap (probably a later Replacement) is still very pliable & usable! 
    • Metal is Great All-round, with very little oxidation!! 
    • This one WAS NOT Kept in a Barn or Attic! 
    • Si62 Stamped Boldly into Left Skirt 
    • Can't make out the steel number on the crown - there is one letter or number visible 
    • The Soldier's name is written on one of the pads, but is too faint to make out 
    • The Manufacturer of the leather liner is stamped underneath at least two of the leather pad holders! 
    • Overall Outstanding Helmet! 
    • Please See Photos & Examine Carefully for Best Depiction of Condition
    • See clear, close-up photos above for full details. 
    • There Are No Military Markings or Insignias of any kind anywhere on this helmet! - inside or out.
    • Elite*Auctions is piece-by-piece Auctioning a portion of a massive collection from a long-time expert and collector of Imperial German headgear 
    • As well as FINE Hand-Selected Examples other associate military consigners.
    • Please ask all questions prior to bidding.   
    • This is a really nice example of a Battlefield recovery. 
    • Perfect for being about 95+ years old, or so. 
    • The Bust & Pistol are for display only and are NOT included in the auction.
    • No Reserve!
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    An Awesome War Conversation Piece! 

    ...and Fine Addition to Your Imperial German Collection!