The Art Of War! ... Rare Priceless and One of a Kind Pieces with Price Tags!

E.A Galleries has been acquiring the finest and most fun antiques & collectibles since 1985.  We're always on the lookout, and always on the Go.  The hunt for something unusual and unique to add to our gallery never ends.   We will purchase Individual items, or entire Estates.  Please contact us if you are liquidating same.   

Our items often include one-of-a-kind and rare photographs, works of art or interesting and scarce military items that strike our fancy.  We hope they'll strike yours as well!   

We will ship these items to you upon completed purchase. We Feature "Overkill" Protection Shipping to our Items, so they arrive just the way you see them.  ...Plus, We strive to make them a cinch to open once they arrive, with "Easy Open" Packaging!    

If you happen to run into one of our representatives who are regularly on the road each week, we will be happy to bring an item to you!  

See you at the Estates!  Happy Picking!