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  • SOLD! HISTORIC 1908 186 PHOTOS US Navy Atlantic Fleet PHOTO ALBUM USS Kearsarge Before WW1 Pre World War One

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    Museum Piece!

    About 186 Photos! 

    1908 US Naval Fleet


    United States Navy 


    US Fleet in Egypt, New Zealand, Hawaii

    China, Philippines, Malta - All In 1908!

    • You Are Buying an HISTORIC 1908 US Naval Fleet PHOTO ALBUM
    • Action centers around the USS KEARSARGE
    • Pictures the USS Philadelphia, USS Illinois (at Diamond Head Hawaii)
    • The USS Annapolis, USS Kentucky
    • The USS Wisconsin (In Malta) 
    • ALL 1908!
    • Contains about 186 Photos
    • The Fleet Sails to and From: Los Angeles California 1908, Auckland New Zealand, Amoy China
    • Manila, Golden Gate - Minus Bridge, Rio Brazil, Straits of Magellan
    • Magdalena Bay -Mexico, Honolulu Hawaii 1908Samoan Islands
    • Sydney Australia, Melbourne Australia, Olongapo Philippines
    • Bremerton Washington, Fort Worden, Lima Peru Bullfight
    • Ceylon, Malta (Saint Paul Bay)
    • Cairo Egypt - Pyramids 
    • Suez - Egypt
    • Chinese Warship! 
    • USA!!!
    • Fair to Good For Age 
    • Front Cover Off 
    • Back Cover Nearly Off 
    • Photos Glued into Album 
    • Black Pages Fragile 
    • Black Photo pages Chipped & Chipping More 
    • Photos Good to Very Good 
    • At Least one Page Loose from album    
    • Any Condition or other Issues as pictured
    • Please See Photos & Examine Carefully for Best Depiction of Condition. 
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    A Fascinating U.S. Naval TREASURE!

    Picked Near Annapolis Maryland and the US Naval Academy!