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  • SOLD! LIKELY Noël Lerebours Double TRIPLE EXPOSURE 6th Plate DAGUERREOTYPE Photo 1845



    Circa 1845 

    Likely Noël Marie Paymal Lerebours Photos
    About 6th Plate DAGUERREOTYPE 
    Experimental PHOTO? 
    Early FRENCH Photography
    VERY RARE Daguerreotypist Experimentation! 

    ANTIQUE Photography

    With 1/4 Plates & Larger

    • You Are Buying an Early ULTRA RARE Double and TRIPLE EXPOSURE Photograph
    • Likely by Noël Marie Paymal Lerebours
    • Early French Daguerreotypist
    • This was purchased in a lot of other Daguerreotypes, Many featuring the same older woman
    • Two of the Other Plates were signed "Lerebours"
    • There may be a signature underneath this mat, but we will not remove the mat. 
    • About 6th Plate DAGUERREOTYPE
    • The Ultimate in Rarity and Oddity 
    • Experimental PHOTO?
    • Shows two Images of an attractive young woman and her baby at top.
    • Then, Upside down, the Image clearly depicts another image of the same two where you can only see her hands, 
    • the body of the baby and the collar of her shirt! 
    • May Have been a Quadruple Exposure at one time!
    • Possibly as early as 1844 
    • Photographic Trickery   
    • Original ANTIQUE Image 
    • Each Daguerreotype is a 100% Unique Item! There are No Negatives nor Exact Copies!  Ever! 
    • Original Photo, Not copy! 
    • Fair to Good Condition for 170+ Years Old!
    • Likely NEVER Sealed or placed in a Case 
    • Likely never had covering glass
    • Discovered and Purchased with a small lot of other Early Examples of this Daguerreotypist photos 
    • Any Rubs, stains and/or prints as seen 
    • Kept out of direct light since purchased 
    • Secured in a Mylar Sleeve 
    • With Crude EARLY Backing, Paper Mat and Hanger as pictured 
    • Any Condition or other Issues as pictured  
    • Please See Photos & Examine Carefully for Best Depiction of Condition. 
    • Please View these items on your computer (not just your phone) and ask any questions prior to buying.  
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    Early Daguerreotype Double Exposure 

     Similar Images are VERY RARE!