The Art Of War! ... Rare Priceless and One of a Kind Pieces with Price Tags!
  • RARE 1944 WW2 Black US NAVY Sailors Group PHOTO African American INTEREST WWII Segregation Civil Rights

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    RARE 1944 

    WW2 Black US NAVY Sailors 

    LARGE Group PHOTO 

    African American INTEREST 


    • You Are Buying a VERY RARE 1944 WW2 Black US NAVY Sailors Group PHOTO 
    • African American INTEREST WWII
    • Matted as is it Measures about 26" by about 14" 
    • The Image itself measures about 19.25 by about 7.25"
    • Poor to Fair Condition for age!
    • Image is Quite Clear 
    • Many Wrinkles, Cracks/Tears and several Stains as Pictured Here 
    • We have no idea What it is mounted on, but it's holding the piece together 
    • Image is identified at the bottom and dated what appears to be 1944    
    • Any other condition or other issues as pictured     
    • Please See Photos & Examine Carefully for Best Depiction of Condition 
    • Please examine all photos on your large computer screen, not just on your phone, prior to buying.  
    • Take a Good Long Look!
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    • Shipping To USA ONLY on this Super Unique Item!


    A Great Rare, POSSIBLY ONE OF A KIND at this point, 

    Piece Representing Young Black Americans Serving!