The Art Of War! ... Rare Priceless and One of a Kind Pieces with Price Tags!
  • SOLD! ONE of A KIND 1908 - 1915 FRANKLIN & MARSHALL College SCRAPBOOK @ 173 OLD Pages



    ONE of A KIND!!!


    Many Items Within Have to Be the 

    Only Copies to Still Exist on The Planet!

    About 1908 - 1915 

    Mostly FRANKLIN & MARSHALL College Items 

    Other Pennsylvania Items

    SCRAPBOOK about 173 OLD Pages

    Made from an Old Ledger

    110+ Years Old!

    • You Are Buying a ONE of A KIND Scrapbook! 
    • About 1908 - 1915 Only 
    • Most to Many of the Items are From FRANKLIN & MARSHALL College 
    • Lovely Old SCRAPBOOK 
    • Roughly 173 Pages - Far too Many to picture even all the really Colorful Ones!
    • A Bunch of Pages are Just Signatures and Other Light Information
    • Weighs just Over 6.5 Pounds
    • Measures about 14" x 9" x 3"
    • Scrapbook constructed from pages 31 - 204 of an Old Ledger!
    • Most Items Glued to Pages In The Ledger!
    • In Good Condition for Well Over 100 Years of Age! 
    • Well documented Pages 
    • Some Items Loose From Book 
    • Writing Inside fairly Bold and Readable
    • Some Crumbling of Pages an Items, but most pretty good for age! 
    • Covers and Binding is Only Fair.
    • Holding Together Okay!  
    • Any Condition or other Issues as pictured  
    • Please See Photos & Examine Carefully for Best Depiction of Condition. 
    • Please View these items on your computer (not just your phone) and ask any questions prior to buying.  
    • Shipping Calculated in the continental USA
    • Shipping To USA ONLY on this Super Unique Item!


    An Excellent Documentation of College Life 100+ Years Ago!