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  • Beautiful HANDWRITTEN Love POEM Girl Sweetheart to her "SAILOR BOY" Dated 1869



    Beautiful HANDWRITTEN 

    Romantic Love POEM 

    Written by Girl Sweetheart 

    to her "SAILOR BOY" 

    Dated 1869

    Just Post Civil War    

    • You Are buying a Beautiful HANDWRITTEN Poem
    • Romantic Love POEM 
    • Written by a young Woman / Girl Sweetheart to her "SAILOR BOY" 
    • Dated 1869  
    • Based on a Poem from the 1700s Entitled "A Fair Maid Walking"

      The "broken token" theme is well known, and many versions of this particular story line exist. Grainger recorded this one in 1906 from Mrs. Thompson at Barrow-on-Humber. It appears in Lincolnshire Posy as "'The Brisk Young Sailor' (who returned to wed his True Love)."

      "A fair maid walking all in her garden, a brisk young sailor she chanced to spy,
      He stepped up to her thinking to woo her, cried thus: "Fair maid, can you fancy I?"

      "You seem to be some man of honor, some man of honor you seem to be,
      I am a poor and lowly maiden, not fitting, sir, your servant for to be."

      "Not fitting for to be my servant? No, I've a greater regard for you.
      I'd marry you, and make you a lady, and I'd have servants for to wait on you."

      "I have a true love all of my own, sir, and seven long years he's been gone from me,
      But seven more I will wait for him; if he's alive, he'll return to me.

      If seven long years thy love is gone from thee, he is surely either dead or drowned,
      But if seven more you will wait for him, if he's alive, then he will be found.

      He put his hand all in his bosom, his fingers they were both long and small.
      He showed to her then the true-love token, and when she saw it, down then she did fall.

      He took her up all in his arms, and gave her kisses, one, two and three,
      Here stands thy true and faithful sailor, who has just now returned to marry thee."

    • Probably Good Condition for 150 Full Years! 
    • Creased as seen 
    • Envelope (Pictured) is not original to he piece 
    • Paper is semi-Fragile and there is at least one hole in a Crease (Pictured)
    • Ink may have faded over the years 
    • Should be kept out of Extended Direct light, or Well UV Protected
    • Any Condition or other Issues as pictured
    • This Estate Piece has seen Good Treatment and Gentle Handling
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    A Beautiful 150 Year Old Piece For Archival Display!!!