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  • Beautiful c 1914 German Infantryman WW1 Pickelhaube Helmet WWI Liner Chinstrap

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    Beautiful c 1914 

    German Infantryman 

    WW1 Pickelhaube 

    Helmet WWI Liner Chinstrap   

    • You Are Buying a Beautiful circa 1914 German Pickelhaube 
    • Infantryman WW1 
    • Pickelhaube Helmet 
    • Pickelhauben
    • WWI 
    • With Liner & Chinstrap 
    • Superb Find!
    • Excellent Plus Condition Overall 
    • Gorgeous Early Example! 
    • Nearly in Wearable Condition (if your head is small enough 
    • Liner is Dry, But it's There 
    • Front Badge and Pick are Fantastic with Great Patination 
    • Chinstrap and Cockades are Nice, May be replacement, not sure 
    • Missing some brass trim 
    • Leather helmet is Not Mis-Shaped as so many are after a Century 
    • A Truly Extra Fine Example!
    • Any other condition or other issues as pictured     
    • Please See Photos & Examine Carefully for Best Depiction of Condition 
    • Please examine all photos on your large computer screen, not just on your phone, prior to buying.  
    • Take a Good Long Look!
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    An Amazing Example of this Possibly Pre 1914 Original Helmet!