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  • SOLD! 1917 WW1 US Army BRODIE Trench Helmet ORIGINAL Doughboy w LINER WWI USMC WAR

    $226.52 $226.52


    Early 1917 

    WW1 US Army 

    BRODIE Trench Helmet

    Possible USMC Use! 

    ORIGINAL Doughboy w/ LINER 

    WWI Great WAR

    • You Are Bidding On a 1917 WW1 US Army BRODIE Helmet 
    • Trench Helmet
    • Possible USMC
    • Museum Piece! 
    • ORIGINAL Doughboy with LINER 
    • WWI Great WAR
    • Very Nice Condition Example  
    • Solid Display Piece 
    • No Holes that aren't supposed to be there 
    • Pebbled External Surface is GREAT! 
    • Bales are Good 
    • Liner pieces are Very Good as seen here 
    • Small leather chinstrap remnants as seen  
    • Any Condition or other Issues as seen in the Photographs!
    • This Helmet Has some wear from war and usage but is really Very, Very solid and would make a great war relic
    • A Treasure!
    • See clear, close-up photos above for full details.
    • Please ask all questions prior to buying.
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    Becoming a RARE Conversation Piece for Military Collections!