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  • SOLD! 1861 Cute STERN Woman 9th Plate AMBROTYPE 1-153 Lovers SCARCE Gutta Percha CASE



    Circa 1861 

     Cute, No Nonsense STERN 

    Young Woman 

     1-153 (in book) "The Lovers" SCARCE 

    Gutta Percha CASE 

    9th Plate AMBROTYPE 

    Easily Civil War Era or Before 

    Cased Antique Image

    Image #125

    • You Are Buying a circa 1861 Photograph in Rare Full Case 
    • 1861 Cute STERN Young Woman
    • Wadhams Case Manufacturer - 1858 patent  
    • Listed 1-153 in the Book "The Lovers" SCARCE Gutta Percha CASE
    • If you don't have one of this Thermoplastic Case in your Collection, Here's your opportunity to Own a Place Holder at a Fraction of the Price of a Near Mint Specimen at a Bare Fraction of the Cost! - Until a More Beautiful One Comes Along!! 
    • 9th Plate AMBROTYPE 
    • Full Gutta Percha (Thermoplastic) Case
    • Case measures about 2.75" by 3.12" when closed
    • Easily Civil War Era or earlier
    • Each Ambrotype is a 100% Unique Photo - No Others Exist!!!
    • About Fair to Good Condition for 160+ Years Old! 
    • Notably Rare SCARCE Thermoplastic Case is Broken as Pictured 
    • Image is very Impressive 
    • Glass image is Chipped around the edges, Probably same fall as broke the case 
    • Her Name may be etched into the surrounding gold Tin around image (see Photo) 
    • The Rest, As You can see is Pretty Damn Nice!  
    • No Covering Glass - CLEAN!   
    • In Full Thermoplastic Union Case  
    • Odd Hinges (Rare Maker) 
    • Cheeks may be lightly Tinted 
    • Velvet and Retaining Pieces are Good  
    • Any Condition or other Issues as pictured  
    • Please See Photos & Examine Carefully for Best Depiction of Condition. 
    • Please View these items on your computer (not just your phone) and ask any questions prior to buying.  
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    A Young Woman Who was In Control - War Bride or Widow?

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