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  • RARE 1910> Japanese Russo War SAMURAI Luck in BATTLE FLAG WW2 Red Stamps WWII Bushido Warrior




    Circa 1910 - 1920 

    Russo Japanese War 

    SAMURAI Warrior Code 

    Good Luck in BATTLE FLAG 


    Samurai Round Red Stamps at Top 

    Could have been Proudly carried into 

    battle by Soldier in WWI or WWII         

    • You Are Purchasing a RARE circa 1910 - 1920 Battle Flag  
    • Imperial Japan Battle Flag
    • Measures about 25.5" by about 16.5"
    • Likely Commemorating a Russo Japanese War Unit of SAMURAI 
    • Good Luck in BATTLE 
    • Could easily have been carried into battle during WW2 & Captured 
    • Round Red Stamps at top Denote "Samurai" Specifically according to our Japanese expert
    • The other Two Oblong Red Stamps are likely a "Group" or "Organization"
    • Lower Left side depicts the date, narrowed down by our expert to about 1910 - 1920
    • Easily could have been carried into battle by a son, or the same Veteran warrior in World War One or Two! 
    • WWII Vet Captured Bring-Back most Likely!   
    • Remarkably Very Good Condition 
    • Corners Are Nice and ties are good 
    • Writing is BOLD! 
    • "Meatball" is Bright RED! 
    • Very Little if any Fading 
    • Signatures (Participants) and Stamps are Bold and well rendered (Likely by the same individual)
    • Shows Good Age and fairly easy Handling! 
    • Any Condition or Other Issues as Pictured
    • Please View this Item on a Large Computer Screen Prior to Bidding!  .....Not Just Your Cell Phone!!!
    • No Reserve!
    • Shipping To USA 

     An Exciting Possibly Historical Piece!
    Very Suitable for Framing!