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  • RARE 1880 BRITISH French CAVALRY Sun Helmet Horse Troops MILITARY PHOTO Boer WAR


    RARE Military Piece! 

    Circa 1880 BRITISH or French CAVALRY 

    Many Wearing Tropical Sun Helmets 

    Horse Troops 


    British Boer WAR? 

    or French Occupation of Tunisia?

    Around 1880 - 1881

    • You Are Buying a One of a Kind Military Photo
    • RARE 1880 BRITISH or French CAVALRY
    • We're Guessing British! 
    • Many Wearing Sun Helmets
    • Tropical Environment 
    • Horse Troops 
    • Boer WAR
    • About 1880 to 1881
    • Tunisia Occupation 
    • Good Plus Condition! 
    • Sepia Photo may be Somewhat Faded 
    • Original Covering Glass and Wood Frame are Good for Over 100 years of age  
    • Unheard Of Rare Image in Good Condition! 
    • Any other condition or other issues as pictured     
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