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  • SOLD! ORIGINAL WW2 Dated 1942 GERMAN NAZI DAK Afrika Korps PITH HELMET WWII Erwin Rommel DESERT FOX - Rat Patrol




    Dated 1942 

    GERMAN DAK Afrika Korps 


    Rommel DESERT FOX     


    • You Are Purchasing an ORIGINAL WW2 DAK Helmet 
    • Dated 1942 
    • GERMAN DAK Afrika Korps
    • The one has seen some use.  We've often wondered why many of these Pith Helmets still have the Chinstraps. Our guess is that many were not actually used in the Field and are Un-Issued.  This one is not that!
    • If you're looking for a Pristine, Never-Issued Example, THIS IS NOT IT.
    • However, they were so well made, that they hold up really well, such as this one! 
    • Erwin Rommel THE DESERT FOX
    • Sold as a Military Collectible and is Not Guaranteed for Size
    • No Returns for Wrong Size Please  
    • Good to Very Good Condition For 75+ Years 
    • Shows Just the way You'd want to see it 
    • There is no Chinstrap  
    • Liner is Good to VG, Leather is decently Pliable 
    • REAL Sweat Stains are Authentic! 
    • Maker mark and size stamp are as seen 
    • Tri-Color National and Eagle a Swastika Emblems are good as seen 
    • Leather around outside rim is slightly rough in one spot (We've tried to picture) 
    • A Fine Example 
    • Any other condition or other issues as pictured 
    • Please see photos for all details & Best Depiction of Condition 
    • And Please view all photos on a large computer screen, not just on your phone - Thanks
    • Calculated Shipping in the continental USA
    • Shipping To USA ONLY on this Super Unique Item!

    Direct from a WW2 Veteran's Estate To You (Through us, of course, but we don't count)