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  • HEAVY Antique Majolica Pedestal Depose ORNATE FACES Base Ceramic ART Cement VTG


    Antique Majolica Pedestal "Depose" 

    ORNATE FACES & Design Piece 

    Pillar Base? 

    Ceramic ART? 

    Cement or Plaster Project? 

    True Vintage!  

    • You Are bidding on a HEAVY Antique Majolica Pedestal
    • Pick-Up Only Piece - We Will Not Ship It! 
    • "Depose" Piece 
    • Pedestal Base? 
    • Ceramic
    • Porcelain  
    • ART Cement or Plaster 
    • True Vintage 
    • Measures about 21.5" x 17" x 5"
    • Heavy Weighs about 32 pounds   
    • Very Good Condition for as heavy, Old and Cumbersome as it is 
    • Four Faces Decorate the Sides along with foliage as seen 
    • Parts of the Faces have been chipped through the years 
    • The rest of the decorations on the sides have also seen their share of chipping as seen 
    • The entire piece is held together with four Large Metal Brads (Stapes) that are showing Rust from the Century or so
    • There are cracks that may be there from the manufacturing process in close proximity to each of the Metal Brads 
    • The Top and Bottom of this piece are unfinished Raw Plaster and obviously not designed to be seen - 
    • The Weight and fragile aspect of the decorative portions of this piece make it impossible for us to ship - Pick Up Only!
    • Please see photos for all details & Best Depiction of Condition
    • And PLEASE look at this item on your Computer before you Bid or BUY!, not Just your Phone
    • No Reserve!
    • PICK UP ONLY on this Super Unique Item!


    Great Design Element - One of a Kind - Build a Room Around It!