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  • Exquisite Half Plate TINTED DAGUERREOTYPE PHOTO 1851 FULLY IDENTIFIED Mildeberger NY Tarrytown New York


    Without a Doubt The Finest Image We've Handled!


    Circa 1851 


    Mildeberger / Spencer Family 

    Tarrytown New York

    Annie Maria Mildeberger and Son Seymour

    ANTIQUE Vintage Photography 

    Image #336

    • You Are Buying a GORGEOUS Daguerreotype Photograph 
    • Exquisite Half Plate 
    • Circa 1851 
    • FULLY IDENTIFIED Daguerreotype 
    • Mildeberger - Spencer Family of Tarrytown New York
    • Each Daguerreotype is a 100% Unique Image! There are No Negatives, or Others!
    • Beginning May 5, 1853, James Selden Spencer went to Tarrytown, NY, as Assistant Minister of Christ Church, and from May 66, 1865, he was named the second Rector of the parish. He served the parish for a total of sixty-one years as the assistant to the first Rector, Dr. Creighton, as Rector and finally Rector Emeritus. 
    • He was succeeded in the Rector ship by his son, the Reverend Creighton Spencer who added the name Mounsey to his family name to honor his mother's family. Washington Irving was a warden of that parish for many years, and a warm personal friend of James Selden Spencer, who ministered to him in his last sickness and buried him. 
    • James Selden Spencer married, April 22, 1844, Annie Maria (Pictured), daughter of John Mildeberger, of Tarrytown, NY She died July I, 1854; leaving two sons. 
    • Seymour Hobart (pictured), the eldest, became the Very Reverend Father Francis, Prior Provincial of the Order of Dominican Monks in United States. 
    • ANTIQUE Vintage Photography 
    • Original Photo, Not copy!
    • Fine Condition for 160 Years Old! 
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