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  • SOLD! circa 1855 GREAT 6th PLT Daguerreotype 2 Beautiful YOUNG LADIES Identified FRECKLES!

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    Circa 1855 

    Stunning 6th PLATE Daguerreotype 

    Two Beautiful YOUNG LADIES 

       Identified Girls 



    Likely Pre Civil War

    Image #224 

    • You Are Buying a circa 1855 GREAT Daguerreotype  
    • Two Gorgeous YOUNG LADIES 
    • Both Identified 
    • Beautiful Matilda Prince and Mary S. Rich
    • Lovely Off Shoulder Dress (On Mary) Showing off Matching Pink-Tinted Necklaces - SO CUTE!
    • Mary Rich has Adorable FRECKLES that can be seen upon close examination! 
    • Very Likely Pre Civil War
    • Each Daguerreotype is a 100% Unique Photo - No Others Exist!!!
    • Original Photo, Not copy! 
    • Excellent Condition for 165+ Years Old! 
    • Image is So Clear and Vivid you can see Freckles on the Girl's Faces
    • In Full Case! 
    • Retaining Pieces are Good for age 
    • Covering Glass is New - All Re-Sealed in 2018
    • What looks like Stray Tintin the lap of Matilda   
    • Case is probably Very Good - Recent Correct Cloth Spine 
    • Any Condition or other Issues as pictured  
    • Please See Photos & Examine Carefully for Best Depiction of Condition. 
    • Please View these items on your computer (not just your phone) and ask any questions prior to buying.  
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    The Cutest Daguerreotype You'll Ever Own