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  • BATTLE HARDENED c1864 Civil War Soldier Rifle Bayonet TINTYPE 9th PLATE Photo

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    circa 1864 

    Civil War Soldier 

    with Rifle and Bayonet 

    TINTYPE 9th PLATE Photo  

    Image # 112

    • You Are Buying a Photo of a BATTLE HARDENED Soldier
    • You Can See the Hardship of WAR in his Eyes
    • Not an Idealistic Pre-War Photo of a Excited Young Man!
    • A Young Man Aged well before his Time
    • A Seasoned COMBAT Veteran 
    • Familiar to the Horrors of Hand to Hand Combat
    • Someone you would not want to run into on a Battlefield with his Grimace and Ill-fitting Tunic
    • His Jacket looks like it may have been taken off of a dead Comrade after his wore completely Out! 
    • Circa 1864 Civil War Soldier 
    • Holding his Rifle with his Bayonet in Plain View 
    • TINTYPE 9th PLATE Photo 
    • Photo in Good Condition 
    • Image is Brutally Clear 
    • Full Case is Good with Usual Wear and Tear 
    • Retaining pieces are good as are Hook and Eye  
    • Original Covering Glass is Very Good 
    • Correct Spine cloth tape 
    • Any Condition or other Issues as pictured
    • Please See Photos & Examine Carefully for Best Depiction of Condition. 
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    A Brutal Piece of Civil War, And Any War!

    Photographic History!!