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  • 1920s Jack Dempsey AUTOGRAPHED Signed Dedicated Paper BOXING POSTER Fountain PEN


    Circa 1920s 

    Jack Dempsey AUTOGRAPHED 

    Signed & Dedicated 


    Signed In Ink - Fountain PEN

    Likely Signed in the 1920s or slightly earlier. 

    • You Are buying a 1920s Autographed Boxing Photo 
    • Jack Dempsey AUTOGRAPHED, Signed and Dedicated 
    • Paper BOXING POSTER 
    • Signed in Fountain PEN
    • Easily Signed During his actual Boxing Days which ended in 1927 
    • Image (inside the old matting) measures about 12.5" by about 8.5" 
    • Very Good Condition for Age 
    • Paper has held up remarkably well 
    • Plain Back Paper Poster was framed until recently 
    • Should probably be Professionally Archived in Acid Free Framing 
    • Paper may have yellowed a bit 
    • Dedication and signature may have faded a little over time 
    • Image still Bold and Clear 
    • Fountain Pen Ink used in Signature is Clearly Over top of the Dots in the Printing of the Poster 
    • Also Included is a WW2 Era photo in Dempsey restaurant folder  
    • Matting around and attached to paper should probably be removed by a professional
    • Any other condition or other issues as pictured 
    • Please see photos for all details & Best Depiction of Condition 
    • And Please view all photos on a large computer screen, not just on your phone - Thanks
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    This Would be The Absolute Centerpiece of any Serious Boxing Collection!